Learning happens all around us, so we think about education in many ways.

DISCO offers a wide range of services for our clients, from custom mobile apps to consulting. Each solution we create is custom made for our clients. Below is a short list of some of the services we offer.

Systems Integration

  • CMS/LMS platform integration
  • Mobile development for apps and responsive websites
  • eCommerce for course apps, training and certification, and continuing eduction

Technology Consulting

  • IP commercialization
  • Course management
  • Media and IP copyrights
  • Instructional design

Media Production

  • Professional and efficient project management from pre-production to post
  • Graphic design and front end development
  • Leveraging UI/UX experience to create simple, but powerful design

K-16 Resources

  • Course apps
  • LMS integration
  • Single-sign on and MDM/MAM solutions

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Branded content
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Interactive curriculum experiences

 Professional Education

  • Professional development
  • Employee certification
  • Mobile, online, and offline