Empowering Employees with Upgraded Training Materials

Picture this: You just hired a great new employee, or gave a promotion to a deserving team member, or your company just shifted a major policy.

You need to communicate some vital knowledge to a part of your team, so you take time out of their weekly schedule for “training.”

From fast food chains to pioneering tech companies, all employees must participate in dreaded “training.”

Dry and uninspiring traditional training materials are so ubiquitous that most people can identify at least one or two times that they’ve had to suffer through module after module of content wondering “Why do I need to know all of this?”

The mini-existential crises set off by poor training materials is a major challenge that affects your team directly.

Being too quick to deploy subpar training methods to satisfy HR requirements or rushing through important lessons to hurry someone to the front lines of your business is a waste of resources in many ways.

Lack of training can increase turnover rates, leading to high costs of hiring replacements in your company–as much as 90 to 200 percent of an employee’s salary in some cases.

Investing in better training materials can empower your employees to be more successful and help you reduce the risk of high turnover rates and creeping HR costs.


Learning by design

Good design is good communication.

This is a pillar of our philosophy at Disco and it’s critical when considering an overhaul of your training materials.

When your well-designed and effectively implemented training systems are engaging your learners, you can increase retention and have a team of more effective employees helping your business thrive.

Increased productivity and decreased turnover rates are worthwhile goals for any company, which are both easily achieved by designing adaptive digital solutions that speak to the different learning styles and needs of your team.

Plus, digital training solutions are portable and adaptable–as opposed to traditional analog materials or video trainings.

Whether they prefer to learn on their phones, tablets, laptops or desktops, you can meet your learners where they are most comfortable by creating a digital solution for them.

Time to evolve

When was the last time you investigated successful completion rates for your training initiatives? Do you have the capacity to track training metrics to ensure that your team is following through on training or continued education?

If your completion rates are low or you’re seeing other signs of knowledge deficiencies in your employees, it’s time to consider a radical new approach.

By leveraging existing digital platforms and tools, you can also make it easy to roll out updates to policies and get everyone up to date on the latest need-to-know information.

No matter the impetus for your switch, it’s no reason to shut down any part of your business while a new solution is created.

Partnering with an outside vendor to create your training materials allows employees focus on the work they do best, instead of pulling them away to update training materials.

Your team also gets valuable input and perspective on your content, presentation and distribution from a dedicated team of experts.

At Disco, we’ve seen first hand the benefits of updating a training experience for valued employees and job seekers.

Top Energy Training, a consortium of The University of Texas at Austin, The Pennsylvania State University, and Colorado School of Mines, commissioned Disco Learning Media to migrate digital content from a content repository into a fully fledged learning management system (LMS).

By partnering with Element LMS, we were able to rapidly design, configure, and populate a mobile-responsive and user-friendly  learning environment for adult learners seeking oil and gas regulatory training.

The end result was a robust, high quality training course that led to deeper engagement and higher usage.

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Empowering Employees with Upgraded Training Materials