DISCO Learning Media Highlighted on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland

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Los Angeles, CA – March 8, 2016 — DISCO Learning Media, a company offering next generation, interactive app-based textbooks, is a featured company segment on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland.

disco kathy ireland 2016During the segment, Kathy Ireland interviewed Vice President and Co-Founder Coleman Tharpe, and President and Co-Founder Juan Garcia.

Juan Garcia discussed the impact of high quality, innovative digital products in the classroom. He said, “If students aren’t engaged, they’re not learning. Today’s students are digital natives. They’ve grown up using digital devices their whole lives. So when they get into a classroom where something is static, and there is no interactivity, it’s not a stellar learning experience for them. DISCO’s course apps feature high quality, interactive content that encourages learning. We combine this with robust data analytics so educators can see how students are using the app, and then use this data to help improve the teaching and learning experience. ”

Coleman Tharpe commented on how their app-based textbooks provide a better learning experience for all students, from kindergarteners to lifelong learners. He said, “Today’s generation of students were born into a world that has already been colonized by digital technology. To a different degree, lifelong learners and adult learners who are familiar with the transition from network, to cable, and then to streaming television, they know that they can get whatever kind of content that they want on demand. An app-based model marries the practices of really good, solid instructional design and top quality content with a rich media experience. There is greater engagement with that content.”

The Vice President of Programming, JL Haber, was quoted stating, “The world is changing all around us at a fast pace. Technology needs to be blended with traditional teaching methods to keep up with it and DISCO is leading the way.

DISCO’s course apps were originally conceived for academic environments. However course apps can also be designed for all educational programs, including HR training, professional development, and customer education. Learn more about the company and their innovative course apps on the upcoming segment of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland.

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DISCO Learning Media Highlighted on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland