DISCO Learning Media celebrates a successful year in operation

Groundbreaking educational app pioneers launch new products and look toward the future

AUSTIN, TexasApril 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — DISCO Learning Media, a full service creative agency and educational consulting firm prepares to celebrate their first year in operation. Over the past year, the company has developed new strategies for deploying educational apps after its founders released the world’s first course app, forged strong industry partnerships, and released new products aimed at improving learning through high quality design.

“We believe that design-first education is imperative for today’s learners, of any age. Quite simply, good design is good communication,” says DISCO President and Co-Founder Juan Garcia. “We’re proud of our work to date. We’ve been fortunate to work with a great team of artists, teachers, partners, and clients in our first year – and we look forward to another great year of helping improve teaching and learning through innovative, design-centered products.”

The White House recently recognized DISCO’s work for their collaboration with utility industry leader Itron, Inc. and Dr. Michael Webber of The University of Texas at Austin, for their forthcoming STEM app: http://www.reuters.com/article/disco-learning-media-idUSnPn3Yb6cw+90+PRN20160328

Earlier this year, both Garcia and Coleman Tharpe, Vice President of Instructional Design for DISCO, discussed their groundbreaking mobile app textbooks and their educational philosophy on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland. Although formed with the original vision of creating course apps, DISCO has expanded their services to all forms of digital and mobile education, including employee on-boarding, training, professional development, and online courses. DISCO is also looking ahead to the future of digital learning.

“We want to be prepared for the future,” says Tharpe. “Tomorrow’s learners will expect even more technology, accessibility, and convenience. That’s why DISCO is developing new services for augmented and virtual reality. We believe that these emerging technologies are powerful tools for learning, and have an important future in education.”

For more information on products and services, and to learn more about DISCO, please visit http://www.getdis.co

Video – https://youtu.be/Sw_EEhnlbAE

DISCO Learning Media celebrates a successful year in operation