Disco at Itron Utility Week 2017: New Frontiers

The Disco team was thrilled to be a part of Itron Utility Week 2017 in Houston, TX.  Itron Utility Week is an event hosted by Itron to explore the new frontiers of the energy industry and to bring people together to share and discuss important ideas and topics in the energy industry.

This year’s event was especially meaningful for the Disco team, as we were able to celebrate the groundbreaking public/private partnership that was responsible for Resourcefulness with our partners at Itron and the students and faculty at Energy Institute High School. Public/private partnerships are an important part of 21st century education, and the success of IUW is proof that the partnership between itron, Disco and Energy Institute High School is a model for the future.

We’re sharing some of the highlights of the event in this blog post in hopes of spreading the energy and optimism of Itron Utility Week beyond the event itself.

Photo courtesy Itron, Inc.

Voices from the Future

On Day 2 of Itron Utility Week, students from Houston’s Energy Institute High School were the guests of honor.

These outstanding students are a part of the world’s first energy high school. Through entirely project-based learning, they will finish high school ready to take the STEM world by storm.

A highlight of the week was watching EIHS students present their projects in a poster session inside the IUW Innovation Studio. The students did a stellar job presenting to many industry leaders, including Itron CEO Philip Mezey.


Engerati Studios with Kiana and Eddie,  Energy Institute High School students.


The energy throughout the week was high–everyone was excited about collaborating.

Itron was excited to learn more about and be connected to such the incredible students and teachers at EIHS.

The EIHS students and teachers were thrilled to have Dr. Webber as a guest speaker on Day 1 and to have access to Disco’s award-winning energy education content Resourcefulness and Energy 101.

We’re proud that the partnership between Itron, Energy Institute High School and the entire Disco team has created a new and innovative way for these students to experience STEM learning.


Breaking New Ground

In addition to all of the great IUW programming and interactions with EIHS students and teachers, the Disco team was honored to be invited to get a VIP hard hat tour of the new EIHS building with the principal, Lori Lambropoulos, and lead architects from VLK Architects.

The new building is designed to feel like a professional environment, and not a traditional school. The design has lots of natural light, open spaces and group meeting areas to facilitate student projects and further reinforce the lessons they are learning through their work.

The EIHS program is already world class, so this new building is going to help launch the program into the stratosphere. The new campus is set to open in August 2018.

Photo courtesy Callie Bendickson, Itron, Inc.

Until Next Year

The Disco team had a great experience at this year’s Itron Utility Week and is grateful to Itron and Energy Institute High School for their hard work and dedication to making this event great.

We were honored to be a part of an important and engaging week of connection and education that highlighted the power of public private partnerships, and how strong, long-term relationships are important for modern education.

Here are some more videos from IUW for you to enjoy, thanks to Engerati Studios.

Engerati Studios with Dr. Michael Webber, UT Austin:

Itron Utility Week Day 1 General Session:

Itron Utility Week Day 2 General Session (featuring announcement about EIHS students):

Disco at Itron Utility Week 2017: New Frontiers