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Itron is a world-leading technology and services company dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water. With an anticipated deficit of more than 3 million qualified STEM workers in the United States by 2018, Itron sought a way to create a meaningful and impactful program to combat this gap.

Disco helped Itron launch Resourcefulness – a mobile STEM app that teaches students about conservation, sustainability, and the deep connection between energy and water resources. Authored by Dr. Michael Webber, the app features digital, scalable learning materials including interactive text, games, and videos. The curriculum is also highly modular and scalable in the app format, allowing for a variety of use cases, from guided, in-classroom lectures to individual self guided exploration.

The Resourcefulness app project showcases Disco’s unique expertise, from managing a public private partnership, to creating engaging content directly from complex subject matters, to developing mobile, design-first applications that enlighten and educate.

You can download and experience the Resourcefulness app at