About Us

Based in Austin, Texas, DISCO is a full service creative agency and educational consulting firm with a mission to enhance learning experiences using integrated design and data. Our vision is to create a fundamental shift in teaching and learning through high quality educational content. Founded in 2014, DISCO’s leadership team pioneered the revolutionary app-based textbook platform known as “course apps” for higher education. While course apps were originally conceived for academic environments, they can be used in a variety of educational programs, including employee training, professional development, and customer education.

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Juan Garcia
Co-Founder and President

For over a decade Juan Garcia has been producing engaging educational content for broadcast and broadband. His passion and primary focus is making complex STEM topics more accessible to general audiences. He has previously worked with companies like Apple, Disney, and Adobe on launching innovative educational transmedia content. In 2011 he produced the Energy at the Movies STEM television special with Dr. Michael Webber from The University of Texas at Austin. In December 2014 Garcia became the President and Co-Founder of DISCO Learning Media, a creative agency centered on course app development and distribution. In parallel to his work in education and media, Garcia has served on the board of KLRU PBS for four years, and on the advisory boards for SXSW and SXSW V2V since 2012.


Coleman Tharpe
Co-Founder and Vice President



Michael E. Webber, PhD
Co-Founder and Chairman

Dr. Michael Webber is an internationally recognized thought leader, widely cited author, and dynamic speaker with a passion for making energy accessible for broad audiences. He is a professor of Mechanical Engineering, Deputy Director of the Energy Institute, and co- Director of the Clean Energy Incubator at UT Austin. Dr. Webber’s prior successes with the Energy at the Movies PBS TV special and the Energy101 Massive Open Online Class (MOOC) demonstrate his ability to reach a global audience. The Energy101 MOOC had more than 44,000 students enroll from around the world and received positive coverage in Forbes and the New York Times. The hour-long Energy at the Movies special was nationally syndicated on PBS between March 2013 and March 2015. The special reached over 43 million households and was awarded a Bronze Telly in May 2014 for excellence in educational programming. His first book, Thirst for Power (Yale University Press), debuted in early 2016 and he is authoring an educational STEM app that was recently announced by the White House.